The New Era has begun!  Let's all celebrate with some free tattoos and getting stoned, Columbus style!

Although Michigan has stumbled against Ohio the past seven years (or, according to the dumbass Ohio fan who polluted Ann Arbor this lovely weekend, the last "10 years") by cheating, lying, and taking advantage of a program in flux, the tide has shifted and Michigan has once again regained it's rightful position on top of Ohio.

And there Michigan shall stay.

One major reason is Urban Meyer, the biggest complainer and overrated coach of all college sports.  Even Ohio morons should be embarrassed of this derelict after what he had to say about the Big Ten during his 2006 propaganda tour when he had to lobby to get Florida into the BCS Championship game.  A game in which he beat Ohio to win the title, but yet Ohio is stupid enough to hire him. 

Perfect match, you idiots!

I hope Ohio gets him, along with several years of probation.  This jerk will never lead Ohio, or any other team, to any championship, ever.  He was a one-trick phony when Tim Tebow carried him, and he quickly quit when Timmy graduated and his Gator team could no longer compete.

Reflections from "The Game":
-  Braxton Miller could not hit the side of a barn from the inside.  He just plain sucks as a QB.  Hope he starts for the next several years.  Should be fun.
-  DeRear Posey is a pussy.  Never saw a Division I player hit as weak as he does.  Ohio would have been better off if he was still on suspension.
-  Travis Howard is a quitter.  His giving up is what sealed the deal for Michigan in the fourth quarter.  Too bad he's a Junior, would have liked to see him play for another three years.
-  Ohio fans are still the stupidest in all of sports.  The moronic comments spewed by Ohio fans at the game continued their reign of the most ignorant fans in all the land.  And pretty damn ugly, too.

So many good memories from Saturday, November 26th, 2011.  This day will never be forgotten, as it will mark the day when Ohio once again became the second class, subservient bitch it always has historically been, when it wasn't lying and cheating.

I want whatever he's smoking...

You know the expression "I make a stupid draft choice once, shame on you... I make the same stupid draft choice twice, shame on my lame, stubborn, possibly senile old ass?"

Well, Al Davis's "Reign of Stupid" has made another ill advised move by drafting a physically talented but professionally impossible, horrendously poor throwing, personality flawed quarterback.  JaMarcus Russell, the Oakland Raider's first foray with a big gigantic talentless quarterback drafted number one in 2007 was without question one of the biggest draft mistakes ever in recent history, perhaps in all of history (at least NFL history, as yes, Len Bias still stands out as the biggest panty crap ever).

Terrelle Pryor is a humungous, time consuming, work in progress that will consume Raider management and coaching staff for the next three years, until they finally declare today's "steal" (pun intended) as tomorrow's "mistake".

If nothing else, the Raiders' stupidity will make for interesting discussion and blog fodder for the next few years.  Then we can all go about our merry ways, including Terrelle Pryor.
Right before I reached for my Kleenex, I woke up and slapped myself.  Really hard.

Terrelle Pryor was a cheet and a liar, like the coach he played for and the football program he played in.  However, the cover up and scape goating that is going on now that the Ohio State administration is trying to save itself is becoming even more of a fraud than Tressel or Pryor combined.

Read the following excerpts from Graham Watson's full article at

Ohio State said Tuesday in a letter to Pryor's attorney, Larry James, that the former quarterback has been "completely disassociated" with the program and would not have been reinstated to the team after his five-game suspension.

The school also has banned him from any contact with the athletic program for five years.

The team said the punishment stemmed not only from Pryor trading his memorabilia for tattoos, which is what prompted the NCAA's five-game suspension, but also because Pryor failed to cooperate with the NCAA regarding the investigation.

This is perhaps an even sadder ending to Pryor's Ohio State career than the one we all believed for the past month. Even Ohio State isn't standing by the image of Pryor being the decent football player who made some mistakes and left the program. Pryor is now portrayed as a guy who willfully ruined his university's reputation and disgraced himself and his association with the game.

There were four other players suspended for trading memorabilia, but they're all still in school. As far as we know, they'll be eligible after they serve their suspensions and the school won't be banning them from the grounds. So what did Pryor really do to make Ohio State want to distance itself from him so badly?

We may never know.

Some of the greatest minds (none of which come from Ohio State) comment on truth and lies:

* Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies - Ralph Waldo Emerson
* Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth - Thoreau
* Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said - Mark Twain
* First they ignore it, then they laugh at it, then they say they knew it all along - Alexander Humbold
* Half a truth is often a great lie - Benjamin Franklin

And the most pertinent quote as it applies to the NCAA failing to do their job in uncovering the full truth behind the Tressel Decade of Deceit and pucnishing the Ohio State University to the full power of the NCAA:

* All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them - Galileo Galilei

What we need is a little Galileon spirit at the NCAA, a motivation to uncover the truth and the balls to employ the full force and power granted to teach and promulgate an important lesson.
As feared and suspected, the NCAA is apparently succumbing to political and monetary pressures, and is poised to let OSU off the hook with minimal penalties.

Agreeing with that G-d forsaken university, the NCAA is under the forced opinion that former head coach Jim Tressel was the only university official aware of any violations by football players.  To be clear, the statement reiterated that Tressel’s actions were wrong, that he acted alone, failed in his duty to report violations, and wrongfully fielded ineligible players.

What a complete pile of vomit.  OSU President, E. Gordon Gee, and AD, Gene Smith, got away with what even the Nixon Administration couldn't, the proverbial "cover up".

Due to this response from the NCAA, the university is not going to face charges of a lack of institutional control or failure to monitor. That means OSU will not face the harshest penalty the NCAA has to offer, the death penalty, which it duly deserves.

So, look for nothing more than the measly self-imposed sanctions already imposed by the university itself on August 12th when the NCAA meets with OSU to review these violations.

The NCAA had a real chance here to send the rightful message to not only Ohio State but to all the cheating and lying programs across the country. But, instead, it succumbed to the political pressures and the monetary fears of a failed Ohio State football program and the reverberating ramifications of having no money in the till in Columbus for women's rowing and rifle.

For deeper commentary, please read Bill Simonson's "NCAA wrong to let Ohio State off the hook with 'I know nothing' defense".
With the recruiting class of 2012 nearing a close, it is a pleasure to take a quick look at the damage done to Ohio State football by reviewing some of the top recruits (nine so far) who have chosen, and in a few cases switched, to come to the Mighty Michigan Wolverines:

Oh yeah...Michigan State, the green (with envy) little brother, grabbed their fair share, too.  No table or stats here, go to a Spartan website for that.  But there are five good ones.  So, 14 in total.  14 souls that would have been, could have been, forsaken as Buckeyes.

But like Oskar Schindler protected the Jews from the Nazi Holocaust, the Great Lake State is happy to welcome these fine young gentlemen to the beautiful state of Michigan and to a school that will provide an actual education and degree!

ESPN is suing Ohio State University, requesting that the Ohio Supreme Court order the school to release emails among former coach Jim Tressel and others regarding Ted Sarniak, the mentor to former quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

OSU denied the public records request by citing FERPA, a federal law designed to protect the privacy of students.

The fact that ESPN is trying to get these records, specifically the emails pertaining to Jim Tressel, suggests that ESPN believes that Jim Tressel possibly did forward information received on player violations to Gene Smith, the Ohio State AD and Jim Tressel's direct boss.

If Tressel really did forward the emails, the cover up wouldn’t end with Gene Smith.  The scandal would have to include Doug Archie, lower members of compliance, the legal office, and maybe even other assistant coaches, perhaps even Luke Fickell.

If Tressel really did forward information, he surely would have sent it to at least the compliance office and to Gene Smith, thus the point of emphasis on any cover up with lie with them more so than even Tressel.

ESPN is investigating the circus that was formerly a football program, potentially looking for a "lack of institutional control".  OSU may not have turned over the pertinent emails to ESPN, but that doesn’t mean that the NCAA hasn’t seen them in their own investigations currently underway.  There very well could be a cover up at play here, and if there is, the results would be absolutely utterly fantastic, or I mean disastrous, for OSU.

Make no mistake, this is pretty serious stuff.  ESPN is looking for proof to essentially kill the Ohio State football program.

We can only pray they open their eyes and find it.
Not so much a blog post but more like a celebration, akin to the falling of the Berlin Wall.
And once that wall came down, it has never gone back up!

To all top Ohio football talent (oxymoron?), come on in, the water is warm...

Scarlet and grey (puke!) are no longer the colors top Ohio prospects desire...
To no one's surprise, local Lakewood, Ohio superstar offensive lineman, Kyle Kalis, has officially committed to the Mighty University of Michigan!

The 6-foot-5, 300-pound, five-star recruit told that he would have committed to Michigan several weeks ago following his first official but that his coach told him to wait.  Instead, Kalis committed following his second visit to lovely Ann Arbor today and has, in fact, already started recruiting for the school!

So the tide continues to turn and the weight keeps getting heavier.  The OSU football program is crumbling, and we all get to watch it play out one painful fracture after another, day by day.  And so much more to come!

There is no greater joy...
OSU admits being  "embarrassed by the actions of Tressel."

OSU admits their head coach suffered from "faulty judgement", but still decides to reverese his $250,000 finer AND pay him a $52,000 June 2011 paycheck.

OSU even concedes it is a "repeat violator" of NCAA regulations, going back to their five-year NCAA probation stemming from violations in a 2006 case by then-basketball coach Jim O'Brien!!!

But in their own self imposed punishment, Ohio State saw no room or reason for the loss of scholarships or to be banned from postseason play.


These additional sanctions were good enough for the University of Michigan in 2003.  They are currenlty appropriate for USC and Tennessee.  But for some extraordinary reason, OSU is different.

OSU in fact is different.  OSU is very different.  OSU is in fact worse!

OSU has been cheating under Tressel for over 10 years, and what has been admitted to is just the tip of the iceberg.  Terrelle Pryor on the ESPN John Grudan QB Special shows barely any remorse, and is only sorry he got caught.  Against NCAA rules, players were profiting, and, against the law, getting stoned, from their player status.

The ball is now in the NCAA's court.  The NCAA must set an important example here and tell the other lying and cheating programs, players, and administrtions out there that this kind of behavior is not acceptable.  There are rules, and like them or not, everyone must play by them.  No one, even by lack of judgement, or, in OSU's case, intelligence, is above the rules.  Lying is completely unacceptable.  And, "plausible deniability" is not a defense to turning away or doing your jobs, Messieurs President E. Gordon Gee, then Assistant and now current Head Coach Luke Fickell, and highest paid AD in the country ($1.2 million and still counting), Gene Smith.

Flat out drugs...and, admitted repeat violations.  Clearly there is only one penalty that fits this treachery, and that is the NCAA death penalty.